Construction Excellence

Construction Excellence

Lenmark is a member of the Sussex Construction Excellence Forum, a group composed of Planners, Surveyors, Contractors, Engineers and other forward thinking professionals, within the Construction Industry, who meet each month to look at changes in the industry and to discuss new ways of meeting the wilding demands of the future.

To date we have examined 'Lean Construction' techniques and the importance of sustainability in the procurement process, and have already started to put to use what we are learning.

All research we carry out, and evidence we gather, is put to use as in-house training for our Foreman and Site Operatives; by which process we aim to make clear to all our staff what constitutes 'Best Practice' and what is 'Bad'. 

Thus our foreman can then follow through by monitoring the work of staff on-site, giving praise for good work and letting Site Operatives learn from skilled workers.  This style of approach has proven to work and has made a real difference to the way our teams work on all of our construction sites.

construction Excellence

This is a first prototype of a kerb lifter
 we devised in 2005 to enable us
work within the new manual handling
regulations, this prototype was devised
by a working group of our foremen.